Expel him

I have had quite enough of this:
As a damaging audiotape of Senator Roland W. Burris began playing on seemingly every television and radio station here, he toured his home state Wednesday and portrayed that secretly recorded phone conversation, with the brother of the man who appointed him to the Senate, as proof that he had not tried to trade favors for the post.


In speaking with Robert Blagojevich, who served as his brother’s top fund-raiser, Mr. Burris seemed to contemplate ways to raise money for the governor without creating a public perception that he was trying to buy the Senate seat. Perhaps he could write a check, he said at one point. At another, he said, “I might be able to do this in the name of” his law partner, who, he added, “is not looking for an appointment.”“I’m just trying to figure out what the best way to do where it won’t create any conflict for either one of us,” he said, ultimately pledging that he would “personally do something” and “it’ll be done before the 15th of December.”
Basta! This has been an ongoing issue since shortly after the man took office. He is a liar, an embarrassment and a disgrace. He should be expelled.


  1. "He is a liar, and embarassment, and a disgrace."

    Wouldn't this also apply to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House? Either she's lying about the CIA's relationship with Congress, or else she should be holding hearings to regain control of the CIA.