Telling us how they really feel

The Better Half and I spent the past weekend driving around the south of Maine, spending time with friends and family. While driving, on two separate occasions I saw cars with what used to be "McCain/Palin" bumper stickers with the "McCain" removed. Considering how many cars I see with "Bush/Cheney" (or "Kerry/Edwards" or even "Gore/Lieberman") stickers unmolested on their bumpers, I figure this is a pretty profound statement of discontent with John McCain, support of Sarah Palin, or both. (Well... as profound a statement as can be expected from the medium of bumper sticker.)

I don't know how wide-spread a phenomenon this is, and it's probably unwise to posit the existence of a movement from two data points. (Did I mention that I saw this on two separate occasions?) Still, it brought to mind how unhappy the base really seemed with John McCain during the last election. When he offered his concession speech, I got the feeling that he was talking to a bunch of ticked off people who would just as soon have supported someone else in the first place. I find the prospect of Sarah Palin heading a national ticket singularly ludicrous and terrifying, but she at least enjoyed the support of her party's base.

Is anyone else seeing similarly redacted bumper stickers? Is this just a Maine thing? (Heck, it could just be one disaffected family that does a lot of driving.) Anyone else seen this?

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  1. no, and not likely here in phila, but i always enjoy my neighbor's "geezer and dingbat" bumper sticker in the style of the mccain/palin logo.