*cue muffled giggling*

Via TPM:
Adult film actress Stormy Daniels has officially announced that she has formed an exploratory committee for the 2010 Senate race, in which she is widely expected to run in the Republican primary against Sen. David Vitter -- the Christian right conservative whose career became mired in the D.C. Madam prostitution scandal of 2007.


If she does run, Daniels' campaign would be widely viewed as an effort to remind the state's conservative voters about Vitter's own indiscretions.
Oh, Stormy. Stormy, Stormy, Stormy. The state's conservative voters know about Vitter's own indiscretions. They just don't care. I don't care all that much, though his rank hypocrisy rankles me a little. I am more concerned with his being a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging moron that his personal peccadilloes.

Then there is this from her press release:
I do not take this step lightly. While I have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response my potential candidacy has generated thus far, my decision to run for United States Senate will only be made after I have had the opportunity to discuss this prospect with as many people across the state as possible.
I suppose that peals of laughter are a happy sound, and could thus be mistaken for an "overwhelmingly positive response."

Honestly, the only think that clouds my mirth upon reading this is a creeping dread that this is being masterminded and bankrolled by some Democrat.

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