Observations on Wolverine

1)  The film contains the following line of dialogue:
"I'm very good at what I do.  And what I do isn't pretty."  It is not the worst line of dialogue in the movie.

2)  At one point, the leading man kneels over the body of a dead companion, bends back his head, and yells at the sky.  Sadly, he does not yell "Mendozaaaaaa!!!"  

3)  At one point, the leading man literally carries a woman into the sunset.

4)  [mild spoiler, assuming a movie this lousy can actually be "spoiled"]  A small but important plot point hinges on the extreme slowing of a character's heart to a deathlike larghissimo.  One would think, in a movie that plays as fast and loose with science as this one, they would have simply made up a drug to accomplish this.  Sadly, no.  Apparently content to induce incredulous giggles in every doctor, nurse and pharmacist that happens to sit though this film, the flat-line inducing medication the writers chose was hydrochlorothiazide.    Hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic.

5)  Pointing out the myriad plot holes would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  A great many fish, in a very small barrel, using a very big gun.

6)  At the end of the movie, I forced the Better Half to sit through the entire closing credits, as there was a very short scene at the very end of the last "X-men" movie.  My suspicions were vindicated.  For what it's worth.

7)  If your boyfriend is prone to nightmares, and shoots bony prongs out of his hands when agitated, separate beds are probably a smart investment.


  1. Drdanny, it is a kids movie, what did you expect? My kids loved it so it was worth the money.


  2. For dialogue as unbelievably leaden as that, the movie would have needed:

    1) Far more scene of mutants wailing on each other with their bad-ass powers. (Hacking at each other with claws does NOT count.)

    2) More scenes with Ryan Reynolds making wisecracks. It is monstrously unfair that he only appears shirtless AFTER his face gets all messed up.

  3. Incredulous giggles indeed!! I positively-boggled at hydrochlorothiazide..bradycardia, maybe, but wouldn't her bladder be bustin' too? -coughs-