For those of you not reading Andrew Sullivan

You should be. The Daily Dish deserves a Pulitzer for the tremendous job it's doing covering the ongoing situation in Iran.


  1. I did read Mr. Sullivan a few years back... before he became insane and shrill and unable to maintain a single coherent worldviewcoherent worldview. Ask him how that whole Trig Palin expose turned out. Ask him if we should make rape jokes about Sasha and Malia since they were up on the stand with Dad.

    I wouldn't trust anything AS reports. If he wrote that the sky was blue, I'd go outside and check.

  2. Yes, Sully did go totally off the deep end with the whole Trig Palin thing. Fair point.

    That being said, he's doing good work now. You can believe it, or not.

  3. I'll wait and see how he behaves going forward. Trust is easily squandered and difficult to regain. I hope the Iran reporting style becomes the norm at the Dish. I really do.