A promise is a promise

So, I’m just taking a short break from my usual Wednesday in the 3-dimensional world to note, as per my promise to do so should it turn out that he was correct, that my brother totally called the upshot of the missing hiking philandering Gov. Sanford story, which I did not. This is now the second time he has been right about something when I have been wrong. When he starts his own blog, full of political prognostication, I will duly let you know.


  1. My mom called it too. This is why watching movies with her is no fun.

  2. Wow, I didn't call it. Guess I'm getting naive in my old age.


  3. I have a close friend who goes on some vacations without his wife ,he claims it is to go to Martial arts tournaments, he does, but that ain't the real reason, and as his friend I am privy to what he is actually doing. So from day one I knew something fishy was going on. Men are pigs.


  4. charo, for every male pig, there is a cooperating female.