On Dr. Tiller

I am so very sad for the family of George Tiller, the doctor murdered by an anti-abortion fanatic at his church in Kansas.

I am obviously not privy to his medical files, so I have no idea what proportion of his cases were women who had found themselves carrying fetuses with severe defects late in their terms. Andrew has heard from several, and I'm sure the Internet is humming with similar stories. It is clear that some significant number (and, again, which of us can know what percentage of his practice they represent?) needed his care, which he among very, very few provided.

His murder is a senseless evil, and one that does nothing to help either the unborn nor those who would speak for them.

And for those of you interested in the "non-violent" tactics of Operation Rescue used in opposing his work, I would refer you to this infuriating post from Hilzoy.

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