Horrible things said by Right-wing cretins

I would be tempted to make "Horrible Things Said By Right-wing Cretins" a regular feature, but thankfully there are numerous resources available that make my doing so redundant. Still, today featured a couple of real humdingers (both courtesy of Washington Monthly), and I simply had to share.

Today's Marginally Less Horrible Thing Said by a Right-wing Cretin (in that nobody's death was being discussed) comes to us courtesy of one Debbie Schlussel. I have never heard of her (ignorant fool that I doubtless am), but am comfortable making a snap judgment that she is an imbecile of grand proportions. Behold:
I can't help but notice that the sole reason So-So (my very appropriate name for Sonia Sotomayor) was chosen as Barack Obama's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court is that she shares the life story of J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez.

In fact, the lyrics of the cheesy "Jenny From the Block" are basically the reason "Sonia from the Block" was chosen for the highest court in the land (minus the part about "put[ting] G-d first"). It's just frankly, hilarious. Our President chose this chick because like, J-Lo, she's a Puerto Ricana from South Bronx who went from rags to semi-riches. And that's it. That's the whole reason.
Really? "The sole reason"? "The whole reason"? The degrees from Princeton and Yale are irrelevant? Those years as a judge? No? Because I would have thought the President would have maybe weighed those while making his decision. Just maybe. No?

But that comment, horrible as it is, pales in comparison to the Utterly Horrible Thing Said by a Right-wing Cretin of the Nth Degree, one Mr. Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue.

Terry: The point that must be emphasized over, and over, and over again: pro-life leaders and the pro-life movement are not responsible for George Tiller's death. George Tiller was a mass-murder and, horrifically, he reaped what he sowed.

Q: So who is responsible ...

Terry: The man who shot him is responsible ...

Q: ... because that makes it sound like you were saying that he [Tiller] is responsible.

Terry: The man who shot him is responsible.

Q: What did you mean by "he reaped what he sowed"?

Terry: He was a mass-murder. He sowed death. And then he reaped death in a horrifying way.

Ugh. Stupid and horrible, but sadly not surprising. This from the man who proudly touts his organization's "non-violent" means of protesting abortion.

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  1. To Terry, it is only appropriate to kill you after you are born (as long as it is not he that has to do the killing).

    You can't call someone a mass murder (sic) and then claim there is anything wrong with stopping the killer, in fact, if he doesn't follow his own logic, by his own not stopping Tiller he is complicit (by sin of omission) in all of the deaths that are happening.