Yet, sadly, no Bleakonomy

Pardon me while I sob quietly into my tea. The Note has a report on Wikio's June rankings of the most influential political blogs. Tragically, one scrappy little blog from the heart of America's lobster country didn't make the cut. Who cracked the Top Ten?

1The Huffington Post
2Think Progress
3The Corner
4Political Ticker - CNN
5The Daily Dish
6Political Punch
7Michelle Malkin
9Talking Points Memo
10Political Animal

The Top 100 are here. I heartily approve of numbers 5 (kudos to Andrew, my ardent fan), 9 and 10 above, and lament the state of our democracy because of numbers 3 and 7. Number 1 just proves that if you say a whole lot of stuff loudly enough, people will talk about what you say, even if you're a flaming idiot.

Still, maybe that's the sour grapes talking? *sniff* A boy can dream, right?

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