How to raise eight screwed-up kids

What the hell is wrong with you people??!???!

From the AP, via HuffPo:
Celebrity parents Jon and Kate Gosselin say they plan to divorce.

In a statement, Jon Gosselin says he and wife Kate filed for divorce Monday afternoon.

The co-stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," who are parents of sextuplets and twins, spoke of their decision to separate during Monday's episode of the TLC reality series.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Who cares, right? I agree. But this really bugs the snot out of me:
But both parents say the show will continue, with their segments of the show filmed separately.
I will admit to having watched an episode or two of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," for reasons that are lost to me now. (I have copped in the past to occasionally indulging in Low Entertainments. Don't pretend like you don't have guilty pleasures, people.) From the small little glimpse into their lives my viewing afforded, Jon and Kate didn't seem like horrible people. But now I have some pretty serious doubts.

The bright Kleig lights of contemporary fame may, perhaps, be the most corrosive influence in the wide world. It has been morbidly fascinating to watch it speedily demolish the mental stability of a sweet, simple woman from Scotland who has, by all accounts, dreamed of it her whole life. One of my favorite blogs devotes much of its space to the travails of those who will stop at nothing to prolong their time in the public eye. Coming up with examples of people who got far too famous for their own good is like shooting fish in a barrel.

It shows just how very corrosive fame can be that two people are willing to thrust cameras in the faces of their children to keep their show going, even as their family dissolves. As time goes by, and we are treated to the inevitable avalanche of drek that is sure to pile up on them, I suppose we can look forward to various different Very Special Documentary Shows about how some or all of the Gosselin children are coping with rehab.

People. I know that the most important thing to you right now is your own fame. But, dig down deep into your brains, find that one selfless synapse lurking there, and fire it up. Your kids need to figure out what's happening to their family without the whole damn country watching. If you want to destroy your own souls for the sake of your celebrity, you'll find lots of company. But can you please spare society the eight sociopaths you will create if you inflict your horrible decision upon your children?

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