To hell with it. I'm tired of politics.

You know what? I know that the President just gave a massively important speech about US foreign policy and the Muslim world in Cairo. I know that other bloggers of merit have been all over it from every angle. I know. And I am now forced to concede that, while I have been reading much of what said bloggers of merit have had to say about the speech, I haven't actually read the full text of the speech myself, and I think it's a poor show to just barf back what a bunch of other people have already said. (It's been a busy day. Sue me.)

Bad small-potato, two-bit amateur political blogger! No biscuit!

However, I have decided to embrace the joy that is having a blog to say whatever the heck I like, even if it is totally and 100% irrelevant to current political thought. And thus, I share the following moment of joyful self-recognition with you, courtesy of the sublime and wonderful Fug Girls:
It's like spending your drive time having imaginary arguments with people in your head over things that haven't even happened yet and probably never will, but IF THEY DO, boy would you be PISSED, and you get yourself all riled up and then it turns out none of it had any basis in reality and everything is fine so you're just left with the residual dissatisfaction that comes from not saying your piece. Even though your piece was insane and no longer applies. Not that I would know anything at all about that sort of behavior.
Ahhhhhhhhhh. How pleasant it is to see evidence that other people are crazy in exactly the same way that you are, and that enough people probably are, too, that it makes a certain kind of sense to write about it on an insanely popular fashion blog.

I will get back to holding forth on politics with all due haste.

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