An amusing benefit of blogging

My beloved Fug Girls, who contribute an inestimable amount to my ability to get through stressful work days, wrote the following intro to a recent post:
Yesterday, y'all ... used the phrase "vagina potatoes" in the comments, leading me to wonder who might find this site because of Googling that exact concept, and if you are one such person, hello, and wow, you are probably super disappointed with what you've seen here ...

While I missed the actual use of the phrase "vagina potatoes," the remainder of that comment is hilariously close to my experience.

I like to keep an eye on the readership here at Bleakonomy. I can see who reads regularly (a group near and dear to my heart, even those with a contrary streak), who has popped in from where, and how long people have stayed. While the readership is small (but growing), every so often we get a new regular from some corner of teh Internets.

One way people find us is by Googling various phrases. (And occasionally people find us by Googling themselves, which I always find hilariously telling about certain egos out there.) Some of the search phrases provide lovely character sketches, like the one asking God how to invest for the coming year. (It was phrased as a complete sentence in question form.) A surprising number of hits come from people who are interested in "sex in hip waders," which always leads searchers to this post. (And now, of course, this one.)

I can only imagine how crushingly disappointing it must be to hope that finally, finally you've found that site that will fulfill that particular, hidden yen, only to stumble across a small-time political blog post angrily fisking an anti-gay-marriage editorial. For the enterprising among you, I suggest that there's a market for hip-wader erotica. For those of you in search of said erotica, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll stay for the Sarah Palin screeds.

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  1. I believe a world where people google "sex with hip waders" is inexplicably preferable to one where they don't.