Using Sarah Palin

I'm with Jonathan Chait. In fact, I'm one step further. If it is indeed true that the Obama administration is working for a Palin nomination, then they are not only playing with fire in terms of Obama's political chances. They are behaving reprehensibly, just as reprehensibly as McCain did in picking her for VP. In using her for her image, hoping to galvanize an admittedly annoyingly hard-to-please Left, they are risking her getting actual power. And then, even setting aside her radically right views, we will have a dangerously underinformed, emotionally unstable president. Anything that gets her any power other than TV puffery is an act that must be avoided. To do otherwise is a disgusting cynicism.


  1. Please, she is not going to run. If she runs and loses then her cache is over, if she doesn't run then she will be viewed as having a future. I think she views herself as being above the party now. It is one thing to be attacked by "hateful" Democrats, but a nasty, dragged out primary season would ruin her. There is almost no chance that she would ever be elected President, unless the Mayans were right and 2012 is the end of the world and Palin is the catalyst.

    As to knocking out Romney, hey, if Romney can't even win the Republican primary then how can anyone claim he would have won the general?


  2. In reading both Chait's and Klein's posts, I have a hard time seeing that the Obama White House is actively trying to maneuver the GOP toward a Palin nomination. Neither piece actually seems to indicate that, so far as I can tell. Sure, perhaps Obama is very subtly trying to undermine one of the more plausible potential threats, but that doesn't mean the intended beneficiary is Sarah Palin.