Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, goodbye!

I join Jonathan Chait in mourning the demise of Harold Fold, Jr.'s Senate aspirations in New York. His combination of naked carpetbagging, ductile political ideals and flagrant willingness to shill for corporate interests made him a gold mine of material for political bloggers prominent and otherwise.

Now, one might argue that Ford would have been motivated to vote a pretty reliable party line to prove his New York Democrat bona fides. And this would probably have been true about social issues like marriage equality. (And, speaking on behalf of The Gays, I'd just like to share how very moved we all are about that 180 degree swing on same-sex marriage, Harold. I guess it's a good thing that Bush didn't have much fire in his belly for the Federal Marriage Amendment back when you were supporting it. Ha, ha! Just kidding. Have a cosmopolitan on us.) But given our current financial woes, I can't say I would have been too terribly happy to have a corporate stooge in the Senate when reform is on the line.

So, adieu Mr. Ford. We hardly knew ye. And I think we're all OK with that.

Update: Hold the phone! It appears that what the Lord taketh with one hand, He giveth with the other. Please, please let this story be true. The gold mine may yet appear!


  1. 1) In re your update, why would Reed want to just be one of hundreds of Congressmen? I think that little weasel is more powerful without having to sit on boring panels all day. I know he'd be a celeb, but the work of a rep is drudgery.

    2) What has Ford done, exactly? I don't remember any real Democratic fondness toward him. I know people rallied to him after the incredibly race-based smearing his opponent used, but that seemed more of a reaction than any kind of affection. Or I am not remembering this correctly? Understatement: I think Ford might have misread the currents.

  2. I have seen Ford on several talking head shows. He stood out, even in a sea of vapidity, for having nothing insightful, or even sensical, to say.

    What has happened to NY politics since we left?

  3. What's happening in NY politics? It appears that black men are no longer welcome. Rangel, Paterson, and now Ford are being shown the door.

  4. No, wait! Charles "The Hammer" Rangel just called Nancy "Most Ethical Evah" Pelosi's bluff. There's gonna be a cage match to the political death. Dan, I tell you, it just doesn't get any better than this.