Phasing out philosophy

Britain is phasing out philosophy because it lacks "impact," and Pennsylvania because it doesn't have enough majors. The sad thing is, I think philosophy is one of those disciplines that non-majors come and take one or two or three classes, and really value them - even though they are not majors.

This profession is actually falling apart.


  1. Look at what is happening to the physical sciences in Britain; the cuts are everywhere. This is what happens when we run out of Other People's Money.

  2. gj, you can never run out of other people's money, don't you know that? Money is fungible. You really need to go back to elementary school. As to cutting physical sciences in Britain, it is a mixed bag. From the NewScientist:

    The director of the Campaign for Science & Engineering (CASE), Nick Dusic, said: "The Chancellor has sent mixed signals today about the future of science and innovation in the UK."

    Dusic noted that the PBR also announced an additional investment of £200 million in the Strategic Investment Fund, and a reduced rate of income tax for patents registered after April 2013.

    In a new analysis, Dusic reports that that the UK is spending less on research today than in 1986, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, when CASE was first launched as Save British Science (SBS).

    This has happened, despite a steadily rising science budget under Labour, because of cutbacks in research spending by Government departments, which have more than offset spending in research councils and universities.

    gj, you just can't make shit up to suit your fancy. Previously, there were cutbacks in some areas, increases in others. Remember the US and Eurozone is in a deep recession, everything is being cut, but don't pretend the cuts are permanent.


  3. Wow, so You Can Never Run Out of Other People's Money must be the Progressive Party's official motto. Well, just ask California lawmakers if OPM is an infinite resource. Ask NJ lawmakers. Money is indeed fungible, but it is not an infinite resource. And I thank you for making my point in your remarks about science and university funding in the UK.

  4. yeesh, gj, get a grip. You have no sense of humor. You can run out of your own money right quick, but I promise you I can never run out of everyone elses money. And I have no idea what the hell you are talking about in making your point about science. Again, since you are hopelessly slow and dimwitted: The Eurozone is in a deep recession (thanks to Bush and his insane economic policies - credit default swaps, hey what can go wrong, housing will always go up) of course everything will be on the chopping block. Besides, as a wingnut why would you care about science spending by Government being cut. You are anti-science as it is, I would think you would be delighted that money not be (to you) wasted on such things, instead better spent on upper class tax cuts. I mean, you believe man and dinosaurs lived together and global warming is a myth.
    And please, try to learn some economics sometime. Actually, try to learn anything instead of parrotting Palinsanity.