Sorry, folks. This is going to be another one of those "Dan turns into your conservative spinster aunt" posts.

As I mentioned already today, I like to keep track of how many people read Our Little Blog. I even hold out hope that one day the nice people at Technorati will notice that we exist. (Right now? Not so much.) But, as God as my witness, I would rather put a blunt instrument through the computer than stoop to the level of their highest-ranked blog.

That's right, Arianna. Your debased, glorified news and gossip rehash becomes ever more appalling by the day. For some reason chat shows seem to take you seriously, but I'm having a harder and harder time reading Huffington Post, even when I'm trolling for easy material. [On that note, I'm not going to be embedding any HuffPo links. They don't need the help, and I'm loath to send them even one additional reader. You can either take my word that I am not making this stuff up, or go and look around for yourself.] No number of empty-headed celebrity bloggers can cover up the remarkable lack of quality and substance.

What sent me right over the edge was this headline:
[Redacted]'s Playgirl Offer Is Small, Like His Penis

Oh, my GOD! Are you people serious? Really, Arianna? This is how you build your reputation as a serious political thinker? By pasting your name over drek like this?

The erstwhile reality star in question is one for whom I have zero respect. I think he and his ex-wife are awful, awful people. (It's all in the archives.) But it is reprehensible, juvenile and embarrassing for a supposedly respectable on-line media outlet like HuffPo to publish a piece about the size of a disgraced celebrity's unit. The man is question is an absolute cad, but even he deserves to live a life with some shred of dignity intact.

This makes me long for the days when Arianna Huffington was a Republican. Frankly, they're welcome to have her back, for all I care.


  1. The Republicans have more than enough walking talking embarassments over here on their side of the aisle as it is. Consider Arianna's conversion to the more liberal side of things the GOP's version of "sharing the wealth."

  2. I dunno drdan. you are taking Huffingtonpost way too seriously, it is just a conglomeration of headline bits from all over the net. I couldn't find that headline you are referring to. The type of thing I do find there and that amuses me is this:

    Roy Ashburn ARRESTED: Anti-Gay State Sen. Got DUI After Leaving Gay Nightclub, Sources Say

    And the headline on the main page is: Still a jobs crisis. This is followed by a link to an AP article.

    It also links to amusing clips from the Daily show and such.

    There is a reason it is the number one blog on the net, and is ranked at 346 of all websites. It has something that most people can find interesting or amusing.


  3. Charo, the reason I react to it the way I do is that it and its creator are (for some reason) taken seriously. There is an occasional nugget of value there, but much of it is idiotic or a misrepresentation of someone else's material. And it just tips me right over the edge that such a massively- trafficked site would lend eyeballs to a little piece of character assassination like the one I describe. (The article is still there if you click on their "entertainment" link and scroll down.)