Almost makes me wish McCain had won. Well... not really

The Republican's Working Man hero Joe the Plumber could barely contain himself last night before a crowd of adoring, media-bashing conservatives.

"God, all this love and everything in the room - I'm horny," declared Joe, whose real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher.

I think I speak for all right-thinking Americans when I say "Baaaaaaaaaaaah, hahahahahahaha! Ha! Hahahahahaha!"

This was the man, ladies and gentleman, who was a welcome guest on the McCain campaign bus. Who supposedly spoke for the concerns of "real Americans" when confronted with the rampant socialism of the Obama agenda. Who apparently is still getting invited to attend things like the Media Research Center's "DisHonor" awards, where he got to rub elbows with the likes of Ed Meese (!). (Where can I get a ticket for next year's shindig?)

On balance, I'm still pretty happy that Obama won. But I grieve the material that would, no doubt, have been provided by our friend Joe, the tumescent faux plumber, had McCain won, and people actually given Wurzelbacher a modicum of credit for it.


  1. You have all this rich material to pick from, and we get Joe the Plumber? C'mon.

    Why not give us your take on the President channeling Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Leno? "You know, I didn't mess with those people's chromosomes. This administration has inherited these genetic anomalies."

    Writing that letter to Mr. Chirac was hi-larious comic relief! I know I nearly spewed coffee all over my monitor when I read about it, and I'll bet French President Sarkozy did too. Just like when British PM Brown laughed when the Big Owe gave him a region 1 DVD set (which won't play on British region 2 DVD players). Mr. Obama was probably expecting Tony Blair, and had to ditch the personalized pen and pad holder.

    Or what about the ever present TelePrompTer? Mr. Obama is apparently unable to say "good morning" to his wife without the TelePrompTer by the bedside. Or pronounce Orion without a phonetic spelling. Or find someone at State who can speak Russian. Or, well, you get the idea. There is plenty of good material out there. I have hardly scratched the surface.

  2. John, peaches, you're working way too hard. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? Really?

    Yeah, yeah. DVDs. Big whoop. What else you got? The Teleprompter? Stop! My sides!

    Seriously, man. You think that is as funny as a reactionary schmo telling a group of assembled conservatives (at what must have been the lamest awards show ever), including Ed Meese, that their admiration made him horny? Because there's just no comparison in my book.

    You are, of course, free to get your own blog if you disagree.

  3. Yeah, it was a stretch to come up with some act as mean-spirited as Mr. Obama's 'unfortunate' remark. I guess I just don't know the edgy comics these days.

    And yeah, I think that the Daily Gaff by the POTUS is far funnier than the remarks of some third-rate reporter-wanna-be who isn't elected to high office. Or any office, for that matter. Oddly enough, I believe we should hold our elected leaders to a higher standard than private citizens like Joe the Plumber's Assistant. We should especially mock the thin-skinned, ginormous eared elected officials when they say tone-deaf and stupid things, so they learn not to say tone-deaf and stupid things. And if you want to mock JtPA, knock yourself out. Maybe he'll learn something, too.

  4. Dr. Danny, why do you engage that jackass? He can get his own blog. He never, ever has anything intelligent or insightful to say. It is just snark, piss and vinegar.

    I would welcome genuine conservative thought here. Instead we get brain dead Johnv2. "Teleprompter, he can't say hi to his wife without one, get it, get it?" Was there a teleprompter when Obama was interviewed on 60 minutes, of course not. How fucking lame are you Johnv2.