Dept. of Mealy Mouths

I came across this article via (surprise, surprise) Andrew Sullivan, and while I am delighted that Doug Kmiec is in favor of my idea, one thing jumped out at me.
"While new terminology for all may at first seem awkward — mostly in greeting-card shops — [it] dovetails with the court's important responsibility to reaffirm the unfettered freedom of all faiths to extend the nomenclature of marriage as their traditions allow," wrote Douglas W. Kmiec and Shelley Ross Saxer. Kmiec voted for Prop 8 because of his belief in the teachings of the Catholic Church and his notion of religious liberty but has since said he thinks the courts should not allow one group of Californians to marry while denying the privilege to others. [emphasis mine]
Oh, now you think so? Now you suddenly think your religious beliefs shouldn't negate my civil liberties? Now you figure out that same-sex civil marriage should offend no intelligent notion of religious liberty? Now? Bummer about that vote of yours then, dude. Because now, thanks to votes like yours, we now have to ponder having the courts fix the problem. (A solution, for the record, I oppose.)

Meh. Let me know when you come up with something timely.

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  1. Let me know when y'all come over to supporting multiple partner marriages. How you can possibly deny us the right to marry however many other humans we wish, according to the dictates of our conscience and faith, is beyond me.