Dan's personal hell

Being stuck in the same room as these two.

Update: I just reread the article. Seriously, this is more than I can take:
At their best, said Andrew Ferguson, a senior editor at The Weekly Standard, Ms. Coulter and Mr. Maher aspired to be “publicists” as the term was once applied to public intellectuals like H. L. Mencken and William F. Buckley Jr., meaning “a mediator between the world of ideas and the world of popular culture, who translates ideas into a more digestible form.”
What's that whirring sound? It's almost as if two deceased intellectuals were spinning in their graves.

Coulter and Maher translate ideas into more digestible form? To my mind, they seem to take ideas and present them to the public in the form of things that have already been through the digestive process, if you catch my drift.

Update #2: Holy mother of mercy. I believe that I may have found something worse than being stuck in the same room as Coulter and Maher. (The Universe, it seems, has decided to toy with me today.) For lo, can there be anything worse than this?


  1. No comparison, I'd far rather be at the hammer 'n' ice show. at least there's the possibility of ironic enjoyment, and possibly even unironic enjoyment with enough alcohol.

    the audience I admit though sounds awful.

  2. funniest thing about that article? the sanest and most grown-up sounding person in it is 23-year-old (or whatever) meghan mccain.

  3. Always important to differentiate between intellectuals and entertainers (even when they may not seem to fit into either category.)

    And however annoying I might find Bill Maher, I have never found him as completely offensive as Ann Coulter.