A small nod toward conciliation

In the midst of an article about the GOP's hope that perhaps Dick Cheney would go back to his undisclosed location and stay there, I came across the following quote.
Bush, who has announced he has already started to work on his memoirs, has not taken shots at Obama.
The 43rd president said last week that Obama “deserves my silence,” adding “it is essential that he be helped in office.”
I am no great fan of President Bush's, and I was glad (to say the least) to see the end of his administration. However, because it is important to give credit where it is due, particularly when so many others on the Right are calling for President Obama's outright failure, I thought I would take a moment and say that W.'s statement was refreshingly gracious and statesmanlike.

It is nice, as Lincoln would say, when we occasionally see the better angels of each other's nature.


  1. phoebes-in-santa feMarch 24, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    Why should Bush soil his "reputation" by making comments critical of the Obama administration?

    He has Cheney and other idjits like Andy Card and Ari Fleisher out there doing his dirty work for him.

  2. Perhaps. Just this once, though, I'm going to presume he did something admirable.

  3. That was nice of Bush; it reminds me of the late Betsy Blair's refusal to bad-mouth her ex Gene Kelly. Not a perfect analogy, but somewhat similar.

    I bought a People magazine and read it on the plane, and a woman wrote to complain about too much cover time devoted to the Obamas; she would like to read updates on George and Laura Bush. Obviously, a Republican. I've lived long enough and seen enough administrations to know that this is typical. Tragedy made the Kennedys an exception.