I am... confused

So, I saw this:
Ron Paul vs Stephen Baldwin On Prohibition
over at the Daily Dish, and I figured there had to be more than one Stephen Baldwin. Perhaps a conservative from an obscure think-tank? A former justice department official? A writer for one of the lesser known opinion pages?

Ha, ha. No. It is, in fact, that Stephen Baldwin. The poor man's Billy Baldwin, who is in turn the poor man's Alec Baldwin. Star of worthy ensemble crime movie The Usual Suspects and the unfortunate Pauly Shore vehicle (an admittedly redundant descriptor, I concede) Bio-Dome. A faded B-list (at best) character actor.

I can't actually listen to the audio on this video, so I don't have a basis for judging Baldwin's performance contra United States Congressman and erstwhile presidential candidate Ron Paul. (Neither Sully nor the YouTube comments indicate a particularly strong showing.) That's all rather beside the point, though. CNN couldn't find anyone else to debate for the anti-legalization position? Against a member of Congress? They couldn't rustle up anyone better than Baldwin the Much Lesser?

At what point do they just say "to hell with it" and show footage of puppies for an hour?

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