I suppose Joan Didion was unavailable

I think we're all impressed that Sarah Palin was able to "write" a 400-page book in four months. What kind of woman did she call on to help fill in some of the writing that she was "doing"? Well, what kind would you expect?
Sarah Palin's most consequential choice since leaving the Alaska governor's mansion may be her co-author - a staunch conservative, devoted evangelical Christian, and intensely partisan Republican from far, far outside the Beltway.
Curse you, fleeting thoughts! You refused to flee fleetly, and have instead persisted throughout my entire life. And my, but those gay activists were wily with their seed-planting, what with my never having met nor heard of them until well after I finally came out of the closet. Stealthy!

I suppose it was too much to hope for that, pace Santorum, we would get a thoughtful tome. Glad to know Gov. Palin is still living up to my most consistent expectations of her.

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  1. I had no idea that Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the Democratic party, was pro-gangster and treasonous and subversive. Oh wait, I guess from the British viewpoint he was. But since I doubt she is really for a return of the Monarchy maybe she is referring to when the Democratic-Republican party became simply the Democratic party under Andrew Jackson, yes his policies of states rights and strict adherence to the Constitution must have been what was so bad.

    Honestly, I know how truly stupid people from the fringes are, but how the hell did the right fringe become the Republican party? I used to have faith in divided Government, when one party controlled the congress and the other the White House, but Republicans are simply too insane to be trusted anymore.