Maybe the grossest thing I've read in a while

You know, I thought I had already said all I had to say about Roman Polanski and his current legal woes. There remains, of course, all manner of chatter about his arrest and possible extradition, some of which you can see collected here and here. But the outpouring of sympathy for him is making me ill.

This slideshow, in particular, makes me want to barf. (Confidential to Woody Allen -- buddy, if I were you, I'd keep my pie-hole shut when it comes to famous people and their inappropriate sexual practices.) My favorite line, of course, comes from the atrocious Harvey Weinstein's Op-ed:
Whatever you think about the so-called crime, Polanski has served his time.
What "so-called crime"? You mean statutory rape, Harv? With the alcohol and the drugs and the pleas for Polanski to stop? That one? Because that? That I would call a "crime," and would not bother with dismissive modifiers.

Honestly, Hollywood, you people are doing a fantastic job of reminding me why fame is something to be feared rather than coveted. Never have I seen such a morally decayed response to something so flagrantly wrong.


  1. I totally agree.

    The Polanski apologists make me ill. They point to the fact that his victim has forgiven him and doesn't want him prosecuted. Understandable, since she has moved on with her life, but his apologists are placing the blame for her renewed suffering in the wrong place.

    Had Polanski not run away, this case would have been settled decades ago, allowing all those affected to move on. Polanski's cowardice is responsible for re-traumatizing his victim decades after the fact.

  2. Hear, hear!

    As for Hollywood, with some exceptions, they seem not to realize they are in a hole, and therefore haven't stopped digging.