My Larry David moment

It seems that all the Starbucks around me have a policy of not brewing decaf coffee after 2 pm. This seems insane to me. It is exactly after 2 pm that I want decaf coffee instead of caffeinated. Can anyone think why this policy is in place? Really, I have no idea!


  1. The company did this earlier this year to cut costs. They will brew a pot if you order it, but they do not automatically keep decaf ready after noon. Go figure.

    Starbucks Brews Up New Cost Cuts

  2. You can go to the starbucks.com site and put in q customer service request. Ask what the policy is for brewing decaf on request in the afternoon. If HQ sez they will do it, point that out to the manager of your faveorite store.

    Or, buy a French press of decaf. IIRC, you'll get two cups of coffee for about $4.00, perfect if you have a friend.