Your very brief dispatch from the trenches

So, um... the H1N1 flu shot?

It turns out that people want it.

A lot of people want it.

And all of them seem to be calling our office. I know that the phone cannot literally ring off the hook, but I have repeatedly heard the front desk staff take a call about the H1N1 vaccine, hang up, and immediately answer another call about it. All morning.


  1. Hey, no problem. President Scary-Smart and his crack team of administrative talent, including HHS head Sebelius, promised the Feds would deliver, and you can take that to the bank. This display of skilled planning and oversight is just one more reason why all of us should put our full trust in the hands of Team Obama! They are the Best Ever. Just ask them.

  2. John, your ability to turn everything into an excuse to lather about Obama is endlessly wearying.

  3. Ya think so?

    Conservatives put up with high moral dudgeon from the Left at concerts, shows, all kinds of MSM reporting, ad nauseum for at least the last 4 years. Now Mr. Hopey-Changey Lightworker Scary Smart Progressive Hero Man is in power, and guess what? He's doing *everything* the Eeevil Fascist BusHitler did -- killing civilians (check), torture, rendition, GITMO (check, check, and check), DADT, DOMA, all that stuff that was supposed to show how wicked and stupid the Right was. Suddenly, it is out of style to point out the moral failings of the President and that his Mad Executive Skillz are about on par with a rather slow terrier. The fierce moral urgency has abated since the Dems hold power, and everyone on the Left is wearied hearing about dead children killed by the US strikes, incompetant Federal agencies, and a President who breaks more campaign promises every day. How... sad, really. The Left can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk.

    Alright, I'll shut up for a bit. Just remember to be nice when the Left is out of power (which might be sooner than you expect).

  4. Elizabeth, I dunno, maybe the fact that the Feds declared a national emergency and suspended some medical regulations to keep the system from getting overwhelmed just *might* make more than a few people itchy about the whole thing. Or maybe the fact that the vaccine is in short supply, despite official assurances that everything was hunky and dorey on the supply front. My insurance company has robo-called me three times about swine flu ("here's where to get vaccinated... oopsie, we don't have vaccine, but will soon... dude, seriously consider getting vaccinated somewhere, anywhere). I'm not in a high risk group, and they know it.

    So, maybe the kind of idiot you have to be is one who takes the news seriously and who worries about her kids. I qualify under that rubric.