The madness of George Will

The evidence is in. George Will has completely lost it.


  1. Yes, imagine the horror, a conservative pundit finding something good to say about a conservative politician. What I want to know is how long the White House is going to put up with this kind of Evil Not-News Reporting from an Official Obama Approved News source.

  2. Michele Bachmann isn't a conservative politician.

    If she believes even half of what she says, she's a nutbar, a stark raving loony. The fact that sometimes in passing a percentage of her stark raving loonisms parallel some conservative thinking is more a matter of random chance than any coherent political ideology.

    (Of course, it may all be a gag to get elected).

    If Will thinks that Bachmann is a burr in the Democratic leadership's side, he has indeed gone off the reservation. If anything, the converse is true: the more reprehensible members of the Democratic party *love* Ms. Bachmann, because her complete lack of credibility makes it all that much easier for them to avoid their legistlative responsibilities.