Oh, thank God

It looks like the train wreck is finally lurching to a halt.

From People online:
Jon & Kate Plus 8, which in recent months had become just about as fun as reliving your parents' divorce, will stop filming new episodes next month, according to the New York Post.

After Jon Gosselin, 32, forbade TLC from filming his and 34-year-old estranged wife Kate's eight children for their show, the network will try to squeeze out a couple remaining episodes from existing footage before putting the show to rest, according to sources.
As I've written before, continuing this show after the couple called it quits was one of the more monumentally awful parenting decisions recorded in popular culture. While the show may be no more (mirabile dictu), I'm sure the coming months will offer plenty of tawdy details as Jon and Kate continue to publicly eviscerate each other, sufficient to make me want to gouge my eyes out in the check-out lane of the grocery store.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- fame is bad for people. It makes them do insane things. It demolishes lives. Why some people will stop at nothing to hold onto it baffles me. But people are free to choose it for themselves and see how it turns out. However, they should keep it the hell away from their kids.


  1. Time is ripe for Dan and Calvin plus One! Just doesen't sound as good. If done well however, could finally get Dan to the red carpet instead of just a just a fashion reviewer wannabe! KGK

  2. Don't know much about J&K+8 and don't want to, but I do take your point about the corrosive effects of fame. And if it isn't too much of a tangent, I'll point out one thing I admire in President Obama; he keeps his children away from the cameras.