Rubber, meet road

Every so often, I muse about what it would be like to run for high office. And then I think about my penchant for sarcasm, and remind myself that Congress already has a snarky gay man, and think better of it. (Also, there is the distinct prospect of losing to consider. I would probably not enjoy that.)

However, it is my genuine pleasure to introduce to you a candidate I am proud to support -- Tommy Sowers. He's running for Congress in Missouri's 8th District against an entrenched and deeply conservative incumbent. As he mentioned in a recent e-mail to me, Rep. Emerson has a 0% approval rating from the HRC; I am surprised that she ranked even that high. (For those of you who aren't familiar with my entire backstory, my hometown happens to be in Missouri's 8th District.)

In addition to being a decorated Iraq War veteran and West Point professor, Tommy also went to high school with me. (The fact that he was [and obviously remains] orders of magnitude cooler than me is something I am willing to forgive him for, as is the fact that he is a year younger than me and could plausibly be a member of Congress in the next two years.) If you're interested in supporting a progressive candidate for the House who has served his country with distinction, and also happens to be incredibly intelligent, I hope you'll visit Tommy's page and make a contribution.

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