Petraeus for Nominee!

With all the talk about whether David Petraeus would run on the Republican ticket, and whether he'd win, can I just say how nice it would be if he were actually the Republican nominee? We have a well-educated, articulate guy with a doctorate, with a military background, who considers himself an old school Northeastern Rockefeller Republican - remember them? I do, fondly!

I don't know much about Petraeus, but what I do know is far better than any other Republican on offer.

Anyone who wants to nominate a Sarah Palin just so Obama could win has lost sight of the best interests of our country. We would all do better with a good Republican nominee. Moderate right voices would be represented, as they should be. Arguments of left would be sharpened, and, where needed, persuaded to moderate. Right now, arguing against the dregs of the right is shooting fish in a barrel. Reasonable opposition makes everyone more reasonable in the end.

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  1. Yes, the Rockefeller Republicans were so very successful, I had to look the term up to know what it meant. In short: high taxes, liberal social and domestic programs, and so forth. Today, they would be known as Blue Dog Democrats, so I can see why you would like them.