Confidential to Senator Burris

Apparently, you have decided to walk back a bit on your announcement last month that you would not run to retain your ill-gotten seat in the Senate because you have heard from "people from all over the country and they are saying, 'Don't give up that seat.'" (From ABC News, via Political Animal.) I see.

Very well, then. I live in Maine, and thus I suppose you could reasonably claim to have heard from "all over the country" that you are a disgrace, an embarrassment and a joke. You should most certainly "give up that seat" with all due haste, and I would appreciate it if you took the opportunity to retire from public life for perpetuity throughout the universe.

Thank you. That is all.


  1. This ought to be as much fun as the Specter-Sestak primary in PA. The DNC could adopt a new slogan for '10: "Vote Democrat and keep the entertainment rolling."