Dept. of Frivolous Entertainments

After much squabbling between Bravo and Lifetime, last night heralded the long-awaited return of Project Runway. (Heterosexual males are free to ignore the remainder of this post, and return to mocking me for never having heard of Plaxico Burress.) It's been gone far too long.

You could tell the last season was recorded a while ago, because [mild spoiler if you haven't seen it yet] guest judge Lindsay Lohan:
1) Still had red hair
2) Looked like she was still eating
3) Elicited excitement from the contestants when she was revealed, having not yet sunk into total cultural irrelevance and self-parody.

That being said, Lilo actually came off as more intelligent and well-spoken than I would have guessed. Her critiques of the clothing were cogent and on-target. (Lilo was not, apparently, a good enough actress to fake enthusiasm when one of the designers suggested that the eyesore she had created was designed with her in mind.) It was a pleasant reminder that, once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was a promising young actress, and was known for something other than looking like she hasn't showered in weeks.

Update: The sublime Fug Girls offer their take.


  1. I thought she was surprisingly articulate, too! Much more so than the usual guest judges. She looked older than her age, and a bit orange, but otherwise healthy enough. She was polite and respectful but absolutely accurate in explaining why, exactly, one should reconsider one's desire make a dress out of misshapen wrinkled satin hexagons that will allow the wearer to survive in a space vacuum for 1 nanosecond longer.

    For the record, my heterosexual husband considers PR appointment TV. However, he does cringe whenever any of the male contestants cry (which is approximately 16 times per episode).

  2. I also find the crying a bit much, though I suppose if I saw something I had worked so hard to create parading down the runway in front of famous judges on a national TV show after I had struggled really hard to get there... well, maybe I'd get teary, too.