Mr. Pestilence? Your horse is ready.


From Us "News" (via HuffPo):

Get ready to see Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman like you've never seen her before.

Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage will air as a two-hour special Aug. 19 on FOX.

Why? Why, why, why, why, why? Haven't we, as a nation, suffered enough thanks to the travails of the horrible Gosselins? (Memo to Kate: you may have a "very unique job," but there is no reason that you couldn't get a different job that would involve significantly less trauma to your childrens' collective psyche. Just a thought.)

Seriously. It already offends every sensibility in my soul to see these appalling people leering at me from the cover of In Touch in the grocery check-out line. Why do we reward their loathsome and selfish behavior with more fame?


  1. Why not avoid sending traffic to US magazine if you want to stop rewarding this behavior? US won't publish it unless people come. Srsly.

  2. Well, John, I don't really think that my readership of 20-something is going to make a big difference in US Weekly's site traffic. For what it's worth, I would rather lock myself in a closet with a legion of ticks than watch a single minute of the "special" in question.

  3. No, since I doubt anyone reading here is going to visit the link. But. Mr. Google will dutifully note the link as his bots crawl your blog, and it will provide some positive boost to the pagerank of US. Every little bit helps, or in this case, hurts. Just link to the Puffington's Toast source, and the world will be a little better. IMHO, YMMV, no electrons were accelerated beyond c in the production of this post, yada, yada, yada.

  4. I wouldn't have clicked the USW link, but I did hover over the Huffpo link for a moment. Then I clicked instead to the comments, thinking they would offer some illumination. I don't actually know who the "horrible Goss'ns" are, and pruriently I am inclined to find out.

    Now I am at a loss as to what to do. I don't want to accelerate electrons, especially in the wrong direction. I don't want bot trawlers to wend their sticky code around me. Goodness!

    Persevering, I shall maintain my staunch moral ignorance as to these most horrible exemplars of Americanness, and simply assume they are out there. The Goss'ns, whoever they may be, will remain outside my unsuffering awareness.
    I return, instead, to my true suffering, which is that I wish not to move too far beyond the spoiler line, and the fact that Rusk, et al. are about to lower the post-Eschatonic doom upon Hal in full sight of the Lord, head still attached to monitor (Lord's, that is), is suffering enough for anyone.

  5. Note, too, that I did not write out the name of previously mentioned horribles, seeing as how the mere mention of their true name could lead their slimy tracks back to my own blog. That was smart of me.

    Yet, I remain disturbed. I did hover over the link, if momentarily. Is that enough to register my domain with the above-mentioned Mr. Google, so that he may send American Idol adverts my direction?