Dept. of Sticky Situations

I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder if the people who write for How I Met Your Mother or According to Jim ever wake in the night, sweating coldly and full of existential despair. I wonder what poor Paula Abdul will do now, since somehow I doubt a return to her singing career is in the cards. I used to wonder if there would be a live-action Thundercats movie, thus completing a childhood toy cum movie hat trick, but have learned (to my sorrow) that there apparently will not be. (It's not too late for you, He-Man!)

But, what I wonder about with perplexing regularity is this -- if you are a moderately famous person and have chosen to make a "private tape" for "personal use," and are sufficiently concerned with its distribution as to retain the services of a lawyer, how on earth does it just happen to find its way onto the internet? (This question obviously does not pertain to shameless fame whores who would covertly distribute tapes of themselves shanking their own grandmothers if it would buy them another week on the cover of Life & Style.) How does this happen?

Did they just loan it out to a few friends? Did they inadvertently leave a copy on a park bench labeled "private sex tape -- not for public viewing"? Was it mistakenly sent back in a Netflix sleeve? How?

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