How can you miss me if I won't go away?

Hello, dedicated Bleakonomy readers. After three and a half weeks of parental leave, during which period it was Highly Discouraged to waste Precious Time on such frivolities as blogging, I have returned to work, leaving the Critter in the capable hands of the Better Half during the day. (I'm not thrilled about that, but I like having money for food and shelter.)

But now I'm back! Did you miss me? In order to maintain my serenity, I've not been reading the blogs or watching much news, since it would only frustrate me to observe without commenting. What'd I miss? Anything good?

Snark will commence promptly.


  1. Good to have you back. You didn't miss much, but just be careful about discussing the Much Needed, 100% Good 0% Bad, If You Were Only Smart Enough You'd Want It Like The Air You Breath, Gotta Be Passed Yesterday, ObamaCare bill. Anything slightly fishy, and you might wind up in the White House UnAmerican Activities database (just email flag@whitehouse.gov). As we all know, dissent is UnAmerican, as is civil disobedience.

    And, on a completely unrelated topic, I, for one, welcome our new Healthcare Overlords.

  2. Well, I don't agree with you about the whole "Obama's enemies list" database nonsense, but I have to give you props for the Simpsons reference.

  3. Do you think that if, say, Pres. Bush's Administration had requested that citizens report to the White House if they suspected any fishy business in the Iraq war opposition that everything would have been kosher and harmless? Call me a cynic, but I suspect that you might take it as slightly more suspicious than the current case.

    We do know that, no matter what, those reports from citizens will be part of the Presidential Records, and therefore will not be FOIA-able and will not be destroyed for quite a while. Asking for that kind of ratting out is, at best, monumentally stupid.

  4. Welcome back! Thank Eddie; he's the one who told me you returned.