Dept. of Schadenfreude

There are so many important things I could choose to write about now. Health care reform. The disturbing masses of people showing up to vehemently voice their opposition to same. The signs of economic recovery. You know, important sociopolitical stuff.

But, today I feel like death warmed over. Several weeks of sleep deprivation appear to have been hiding their wrath until today, at which time they have decided to land on me like a pile of bricks. (I know I should consider myself lucky that the Critter sleeps for a few hours at a stretch, but the aching and nausea I'm feeling today are obviating any feelings of luck I would otherwise be experiencing.)

So, instead of expending any energy on getting the brain cells fired up, I am simply going to share with you, my lucky readers, the drek-o-rama that is Mel Gibson's latest directorial effort. It is, apparently, a music video for his paramour and love-child incubator, Oksana Grigorieva. Given my deep feelings for Gibson, the fundamentalist, anti-semitic homophobe responsible for the theological snuff film The Passion, I am just all too happy to see his current career trajectory.



  1. Please for the love of God, withhold any and all future treats such as these.

  2. oh how I fondly remember when I was operating on merely weeks of sleep deprivation!

  3. Just to make sure... I was referring to Mel Gibson.