Let's make this perfectly clear

I suppose the point of having an official blog Gadfly is to goad one into making one's views as clear as possible, so I'm going to have at this one more time.

I have no objection, philosophical or otherwise, to people expressing an opposition to health care reform. While I disagree with them, and believe that a public health option (for example) would be a significant good, I support honest, informed dissent. For a good example of someone who opposes health care reform on philosophical and practical grounds, I refer you to this excellent post by Megan McArdle. (Recent objections notwithstanding, I think she has generally done an admirable job explaining why she is opposed to health care reform.)

Let us then contrast the behavior of one Senator Chuck Grassley. Sen. Grassley told people they had every right to be afraid that the government would "pull the plug on grandma." This despite the fact that he doesn't actually believe that the legislation being debated would give the government that particular power. In other words, he is using inflammatory and dishonest language to shanghai policy he doesn't like. In short, he is lying.

Or, let us consider the aptly-named Dick Armey. When asked about the people carrying "Obama-as-Hitler" signs at rallies, he described these people as "colorful." When they did the same thing with Bush (which, let me just make plain before someone raises the argument, I found disgraceful), he described it as "despicable." So, you know, it's "colorful" to describe the president you oppose as a proto-Nazi, but not the president you supported. Hypocritical and appalling.

So, to wrap up -- you don't like health care reform? Fine. Let's talk about that. I do like health care reform, but am willing to hash out the differences. However, if you want to talk about rank and unalloyed bullshit like "death panels" or euthanasia or comparing the POTUS to a man responsible for the death of six million innocent people, then you can take a flying leap, because you are clearly stupid, insane, mendacious, or some combination of all three.

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  1. Yes, that's one of the top five reasons for having an official blog Gadfly! Aren't you glad that your blog attracted one so early in its career?

    And, please, don't start the rational discussion by pointing out politicians (current or former) who behave like ***holes. Our political class is filled to the brim with ***holes, morons, feckless narcissists, and other assorted third-rate intellects with nasty tempers. You know the word "politics" comes from the Greek "poly-" (meaning 'many') and "tics" (meaning 'blood-sucking parasites').

    Now, let me suggest we start by answering the question "Why in the Ach-Ee-Double Ell should the Administration and Congress expect to improve healthcare when the existing government programs are rife with incompetence, malfeasance, and chock-a-block with waste and innefficiancy (30% waste in Medicare according to the CBO)?" I mean, wouldn't it be much easier to convince the public of the basic competence and good intentions of the current Adminstration and Congress if, say, said Administration and Congress actually, you know, drained the existing swamp and made Government Healthcare in America the shining world standard? What is wrong with expecting such a thing before adding yet more scope and responsibility to the government plate?