Oh. Never mind

So, I read the following headline in the Times, and I got weirdly excited.

Burress Pleads Guilty in Weapons Case

"Finally," thought I, "we will be rid of him, and I can move on to finding another member of the Democratic caucus deeply infuriating on principle. And I didn't even know about that weapons case!"

Sleep deprivation, people. (Confidential to The Critter: No matter how cute you are, with your wide-eyed gaze and generalized wonder at the world, 3 AM IS NOT THE TIME!) Turns out, Roland Burris was not involved in a weapons case, and the Senate is still stuck with him. A man I have never heard of who played a sport I do not follow has entered a plea for a crime of which I was not aware.

Oh, well.


  1. I knew about it, I felt sorry for Plexico, he shot himself, he didn't hurt anyone else. I honestly think probation would have been enough.


  2. hey Dan, who mocked you here? hell, I mispelled his name in my haste.

    and I will admit it, when I saw Burris's name I thought it was Roland as well. I had no idea Plaxico's case was up in court.


  3. Oh, nobody has mocked me per se. I merely assumed.