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First of all, let me just admit right off the bat that I will probably have nothing to say about anything other than Question 1 on the ballot today in Maine. It's on my mind a lot right about now, so if you find it excruciating to read another word about it, read one of Elizabeth's thoughtful posts and skip mine until, say... Thursday.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's move on to Question 1 odds and ends. First of all, this interesting little tidbit.
Maine’s Question 1 ballot question seeking to overturn the state’s same-sex marriage law is one of the most popular topics on Twitter messaging service this morning.

Vote No Question 1” ranked the second most popular topic while “Maine” was the third most popular topic shortly after 11 a.m. today.

Much of the traffic appears to have been driven by celebrity gossip commentator Perez Hilton’s 9:16 a.m. tweet urging Mainers to vote no on Question 1.

The appeal of Twitter is lost on me, I must admit. (I have my own blog, oh Modern Technology Zeitgeist. I once wrote a Wikipedia entry for the hell of it. What more do you want of me??!?) However, I recognize its utility in getting information out to a lot of people very quickly. And, while I have not been particularly fond of Perez Hilton in the past, I am grateful for any help our side can get.

On a less helpful note, there is this:
Stand for Marriage Maine launched a new radio advertisement Monday, trying to get traction on an issue that arose late in the campaign.

A complaint was filed against a Nokomis Regional High School guidance counselor, Don Mendell of Palmyra, because he appeared in a television ad against same-sex marriage. Another guidance counselor filed the complaint.

"While Mr. Mendell is entitled to his own personal opinion," the complaint says, "he does not have the right as a licensed social worker to make public comments that can endanger or promote discrimination."

The new ad refers to the complaint, and says again that if the same-sex marriage law is allowed to stand, homosexual marriage will be taught in Maine schools.

Fish said the complaint against Mendell should be "chilling to anybody in Maine that has to go to the state for a license."

"We've said all along that one of the consequences of this bill ... (is it) leaves individuals and small business with religious, conscientious obligations vulnerable to litigation," Fish said.

Connolly reiterated Monday that the No on 1 campaign had nothing to do with the complaint against Mendell. "We totally don't think anyone should be fired for speaking out on any side of this issue," he said.

Well, thanks, Other Guidance Counselor. How nice to give the opposition an inflammatory (and justifiable) complaint to air in the closing days of the campaign. As someone who has had to defend himself from a frivolous complaint against his license, I am not at all happy that someone filed one against Mendell in a misguided attempt to... what? I don't see how anyone with half a brain could think this would be helpful.

Anyhoodle, now I wait. The Better Half and I will be heading to Portland tonight to be with a large group of like-minded people, all of whom have been working to defeat Question 1. Here's hoping we spend the night celebrating.

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