We lost

Better arguments, a better campaign, more money and better organization cannot, in the end, overcome people's bigotry, it seems.

I am incredibly sad. I'm sure, in the coming days, that I will pick myself up, brush myself off, square my chin and figure out how to help fight back against the ongoing injustice and inequality that families like mine continue to face. But for now, I'm just simply, indescribably sad, and I don't have anything more to say.

One final note -- I would encourage potential commenters who might be happy with this vote, or who would be inclined to express anything other than sympathy to keep their thoughts to themselves. I will delete anything I don't like, and I'm not in a mood to be patient.


  1. Oh Dan.... Words cannot express the feelings in our hearts. I do not think I have ever been so disheartened in my entire life. This morning as I stumbled from my bed to the bathroom, I was so-tired, I sat down to pee. As I sat there my dog and cat both came into the bathroom and I said to them, "We lost, but we are still a family". They both came closer (one on each side) and actually touched me. Jack called shortly after and we reaffirmed we are a family no matter what the bigots say. Life goes on.

  2. Doctor Dan- my deepest condolences. This is a shcoking and disgusting display of bigotry and fear. It isn't consoling, but ten years ago it wouldn't have even made it to this stage, and the march to civil rights will continue, despite the setbacks. Stay strong, and know that you and yours are in my heart, and those of many. You'll win.

  3. This was heartbreaking. Your family is beautiful, and deserves every right and all the respect that comes to mine so easily. Know you have many people walking with you to make this change someday soon. We love you, and are grieving with you.

  4. Dan, Calvin and Owen,

    As I said earlier, I am very sorry for the results of yesterday's election. I cannot begin to imagine the pain, sadness and dissappointment you must be feeling. You are and will always be a family in my eyes. Please rest assurred that I will continue to help in the fight and only wish I had done more this time around. I will be there for the next round.

    Your other "partner",


  5. So disappointing, infuriating, sad. Damn it, when can people see that there are rather big issues facing this nation, and this one does not have anything to do with anyone except the people who love someone but are told they can't be a family.
    And, it is totally unreasonable to have the masses (pun intended) vote on the rights of a minority group. citizens in this country have been way behind the curve on justice, compassion, and humanity for so long I just want to scream. And spit. And secede.

  6. It's just like California, all over again.
    How long will it be before we can be grateful about a state's ability to grant a subpopulation of citizens the recognition of rights that majority already blithely *assume* to be their own?