My son is not home for Thanksgiving. I've thought a lot about how difficult it is (and how I expect it will be) to have a severely disabled child. But in honor of the holiday, these are the benefits it has already brought me, even though he's not yet home, and even though he's only 3 months old:

1) Greater patience with and sympathy for disabled people, especially those with mental retardation.

2) Greater sympathy for family members of disabled people.

3) Greater faith in my elder son's ability to handle adversity.

4) The knowledge (which I already had, but has been further confirmed) that my husband is, despite his irascibility, one of the most morally decent people I know.

5) The knowledge that my marriage can handle adversity.

6) The knowledge that I can handle what seems like the worst thing imaginable, and be okay. I'm not taking to my bed, or taking to drink, or whatever.

7) The realization that if any future children have problems, they will seem very minor by comparison and I know I can deal with them.

8) The knowledge that some people are kinder and more caring than I realized.

9) The knowledge that I have a really great friend in Dan, and that I really can tell him anything.

And a special thank you this Thanksgiving to those who work with sick kids.

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  1. I love this list, and hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving. My favorite two items, really, because of what they mean to your whole life are numbers 4 and 6.