Omniscient... except for statistics

I don't have a lot to say about the inane demonstration today in front of the Justice Department, enacted by a group of imbecilic right-wing conservatives to protest expansion of hate crimes law to include gays and lesbians. Curious? Read all about it here.

However, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to a fantastic quote. From the article in TNR linked above:
The press conference ended with prayer, during which the ministers joined hands and bowed their heads—but the case still had to be made. “Lord, we pray for the homosexual community today,” began Pierre Bynum of the Family Research Council, his eyes closed. “We pray that there will be fewer hate crimes. Lord, according to statistics, there are very very few, anyway there are more homosexual against homosexual crimes than there are crimes by heterosexuals against homosexuals.”
I think we can all agree that God, Creator of the Universe and Author of Mankind, was probably glad to learn a little bit about statistics today. Doubtless, while swirling nebulae into existence and cramming angels onto various pins, He was troubled by questions about how often homosexuals are the victims of hate crimes. Thank... well... Him that Pierre Bynum was there to give him the 411.


  1. Someday there will be a lot of embarrassed social conservatives when they realize that gays are a unique part of God's creation. If they would only pry the nails off their closed minds, He would tell them, just as He told me.


  2. Why would anyone pray to an omniscient being? The prayer is for the pray-er, not the pray-ee.

    That said, I find the advocacy style of public prayer more than a little offensive.

    Off-topic, sorry about the ta-tas, ladies. You know something has to give to meet the budgetary scoring for RationCare(tm) and the Democratic party's War on Breasts. At least you know prominent oncologists were part of the panel making this decision. Oh, wait..., maybe you will need public advocacy-style prayers after all.

  3. Polite little reminder to keep our comments on-topic, please, John.

  4. Hey, I did make an attempt to tie it in with Public Pleadings to the Deity of Your Choice! Partial marks? Oh, alright.