Small, non-marriage-related factoid

Our office is fielding 20-30 calls about H1N1 vaccine an hour, per our triage nurses.


  1. Well, with interest that high, thank goodness our Federal government has things well in hand, cranking out plentiful supplies of vaccine despite efforts of anti-science types to play on fears of adjuvants and thimerosal. It is so nice to have adults in charge who listen to the science and don't cater to fearmongers. I'm glad those same people will be in charge of our healthcare system in the new CongressCare system. Aren't you?

  2. Dan, I'm getting really pissed off that the vax still isn't here.
    I call every week. I'm in a high risk group, I have several important reasons I need it asap, including travel all over the country this month and next. And I'm angry that if there are so many people not getting it that I don't have access.
    If I wind up with the flu, fine, whatever, but screw Big Pharma and screw the gov. and screw the way they decided who gets the shipments first.
    Does your office have any? I can drive up from New York in a few weeks... ;-)

  3. Gadfly, if you would like to explain to me how the federal government could magically create more vaccine than the manufacturers can produce, I'm all ears.

    Yes, the government relied on incorrect estimates from said manufacturers. What else they should have done differently is unclear. You would have done... what, pray tell?

    And Nap, if you can figure out any rhyme or reason in how the distribution decisions are made, let me know. If you sneak into our office and give me the high sign, I'm secret a dose for you out in my shoe.