Aging gracefully

I took advantage of my husband's being out of town this weekend to watch to 2005 BBC adaptation of Bleak House. Excellent adaptation - it even makes Esther Summerson likable and human without doing violence to the story.

I never watched X-files, nor do I recall seeing anything else Gillian Anderson was in. In college, all my nerd male friends were in love with her, and that's about all I know about her. She was excellent in this. What was most interesting to me, however, was her looks. Unlike most actresses her age, she appears not to have resorted line fillers, botox, plastic surgery, or lip plumping. Rarely does one get to see a beautiful woman who has not altered her looks this way. Not only did it change the quality of her acting, as her facial expressions were undistorted, but she looked beautiful. A beautiful, natural older woman. I have no ethical objection to attempting to alter one's looks through such means. But she served as a lovely aesthetic objection to doing so.

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