In which I out myself as naive

I am sheltered. I must be. Because I cannot believe this happened in 2009.


  1. Do not kid yourself. Just below the surface in our wonderful country is racism, anti-Semitism and of course that wonderful fall-back homophobia. The year may be 2009 but the mentality of J Edgar Hoover in 1949 continues to exist. A great example is the collection of signatures some pushed as hard as they could to stop the newly enacted law allowing two people who love each other to be denied basic rights. Very sad indeed.


  2. The President of the Valley Swim Club is a Dr. John G Duesler, Jr., who appears to be a really staunch Obama supporter. Hummm. The club's website is showing a denial of everything ("we underestimated the capacity of the pool" is the gist) on a plain page, probably due to server capacity problems.

    Apparently having a black President is quite a different thing from having a black kid in your pool. Repubs have no monopoly on racism.

  3. John, I find this comment unseemly. Nobody that I know of, and certainly nobody who posts opinions here, would aver that Republicans have a monopoly on racism. There is a fine line between making unpopular points and taking potshots for no other purpose than to piss people off, my friend. You stray nearer to the latter than I would encourage.

  4. Dan, I am a guest here. I'm not out to piss people off -- for the fun of it or for any other reason. I am here to make unpopular points and to dissent from the local orthodoxy. I'm not always right, and I do apologize if I seem not to be behaving as a cantankerous, but ultimately likeable, gadfly. I like everyone here and find y'all make me think. As teh wisdom goes, blogging is easy, commenting is hard. Off the cuff writing might not carry the right tone.

    So, again, I'm a guest. If you ask me to leave, I'll leave, no hard feelings.

    Otherwise, I'm here to remind you that Mr. Obama is back to asserting he can hold enemy combatants *even* *if* *they* *have* *been* *found* *innocent* by a military tribunal (which itself was nto in line with his campaign promises). Someone needs to be the dissenting voice!

  5. I am not asking you to leave. I am, however, not sure what your point was when you mentioned that Dr. Duesler is an Obama supporter. What does that have to do with anything? All that is germane to the topic at hand is that he is an asshole. (And it is an indication of my utter contempt for him that I would break my usual rule about foul language. Sometimes, nothing but profanity will do.)

    You will also note that, in another post, I have already made mention of the Obama administration's detainee policy, which I find appalling.

  6. What does it have to do with anything? I can confidently assert that if it were 2005, and a private club run by a Bush supporter tossed out black children under these circumstances, it would be headlined in the NYT, WaPo, Huffington's Toast, TPM, FireCatPond, and bleakonomy.

    I'm just helping balance out karma here.