Dept. of Totally Pointless Polling

Boy, that poor Al Franken. He finally gets declared the winner of the Minnesota Senate race after the Minnesota Supreme Court rules in his favor and his opponent concedes, and now this:
Less than a week before Senator-elect Al Franken (D-Minn.) is set to be sworn into office, a new national poll shows that 44 percent of voters have an unfavorable view of the former comedian and liberal radio host.
Golly. I'll bet Al is really grateful that Politico felt it necessary to publish those results, so he can go about the business of ignoring them completely.

Let's review here. I don't think that Sen.-elect Franken has, for one minute, forgotten that he won by the wafer thin margin of 312 votes out of 2. million cast. (To the person who, years ago, told me that he didn't bother to vote because it didn't matter anyway, thus demonstrating why he and I would never be friends, I say "So there!") So he could reasonably assume that about 50% of Minnesotans would have a negative opinion of him, as they expressed that sentiment by voting against him. That is why he has said he plans to keep his head down, and do the work necessary to build a reputation based on solid policy.

But, he probably doesn't care about poll numbers right now because he just got elected and won't face another election for five and a half years. It's not enough that this totally worthless poll Politico hawks gives us a result anyone who's paid the slightest bit of attention could have guessed. It's also about a politician who has five years to work on his political cred before he starts having to worry about poll numbers.

And finally, since debunking ridiculous political filler from an online political site that glories in its own relevance is such fun, it should be noted that the poll was a national poll, and Franken is a state candidate, so the results are not only obvious and premature, they are also utterly moot.

Strong work, Politico! Thanks for keeping us informed!

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  1. If Obama wins in 2012, 2014 will be likely a Dem bloodbath so you gotta feel for him in that sense. I have no idea what national polls have to do with his being Senator, especially this early. I have to say I admire the way Franken behaved during the process, he kept his head down, stuck to the facts, made no inflammatory statements. Granted, it was probably easier since he was in the lead from the first recount on, still the temptation must have been great and he showed great discipline. I think he will be a fine Senator. And as I said, 2014 is just a bad cycle year for Democrats, since it seems very likely Obama will be re-elected.