An... idiosyncratic reaction

I'm not sure I would have assumed that the woman in this picture had scored tickets to a memorial service. (From the Times.)

Yes, I know the memorial service in question is Michael Jackson's. Still, not perhaps the most solemn way to prepare to memorialize him?


  1. I might also note that a memorial service is an odd thing to which one may "score tickets." Or take place at the Staples Center.

  2. I dunno, a lot of headline acts in one place, a free show in midst of big recessions, throw in some pathos, sounds like fun to me. I feel for his kids (but have to admit it might not be the worst thing to happen to them, which is also pretty sad) but beyond them and his nearest and dearest it is just idol worship and not serious.


  3. Considering it's Michael Jackson's service . . .

    Only in these times would we have all-day coverage of the memorial service for a performer who, albeit talented, grabbed his crotch, was accused of child molestation, surgically distorted his face, and was just plain bizarre in many ways, and yet was eulogized at times as almost another Martin Luther King, Jr. I was almost reminded of the non-stop coverage JFK received in 1963.

    But the man was talented.