More on those kids rejected from the Philly pool

In a follow-up article on those kids who were asked to leave a Philly pool, two things stuck out at me.

The pool's defense is that they overestimated their capacity, and there was no room. To bolster support for this claim, they cite another day camp they had previously allowed in, then also kicked out. Might not one have hoped, or even expected, that they had gotten an idea of what it is like to have a day camp visit their pool when one actually did visit?

The other is this:

By phone, Valley Club board member Fred Helbig, 71, said that he had not heard any race-related comments at the pool on June 29 and that the club does not discriminate.

"We have people who are black, people who are Asian, and Russians and Jewish people," Helbig said.

I did not know it was a sign of tolerance to permit Russians to be in one's presence.

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