CNN Updates

So I signed up for email news alerts from CNN. You know, so I could be notified asap in case of crucial breaking news. I've been paranoid about this, since I think I was the only person in Manhattan who did not hear about 9/11 until 11 am that day (I had called in sick from work, and the phones were, of course, out).

So fortunately, CNN is a trustworthy news source. Serious, respectable. Here are the two emails I received yesterday:

-- Michael Jackson's golden coffin is placed in front of the stage as his memorial service gets under way in Los Angeles.

-- At memorial service in L.A., Michael Jackson's daughter Paris says he was "the best father you could ever imagine."

I'm glad CNN knew that I could not wait until I happened to check their website to discover that information.


  1. soon Elizabeth, soon it will pass. He can only die once, and then we will be back to some silly Palin pronouncement. Meanwhile, the Han party chairman of Xinjiang vows to extract revenge on the Uighers (instead of, oh I dunno, calling for restraint and rule of law perhaps?) Something tells me you did not get that alert.


  2. Charo - I hope you're right. And no, of course nothing about Han and Uighers.