Sadly, we are not all agreed

I've made it a minor mental habit to try to find a common non-moral value that binds all of humanity. For a while, I thought I found it with pizza. Does anyone not like pizza? Pizza could be the common thread that runs through all humans, illustrating our essential togetherness. I did not count those who are milk-allergic, are lactose-intolerant, are on some horrifying diet, or belong to some culture which has not been introduced to pizza. For while they may not have occurrent love of pizza, they have dispositional love of pizza -- they would love pizza if some non-essential fact about themselves were different.

It is worth stressing that the common saying that "Sex is like pizza. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good," is true of neither sex nor pizza. I'm talking about good pizza here.

I mentioned this to a few people over the years, and heard no disagreement. It took a long time, but eventually I met someone who did not like pizza. Not that it gave her heartburn, not that she objected to the use of an animal product or refined flours, but simply didn't like the taste.

So I then turned to fireworks. No one (except very small, frightened children who will grow and change in this regard and thus may be safely discounted) doesn't like fireworks. I love seeing crowds of people all with their heads turned up in amazement, cheering. We all love fireworks. Except now, I find, we don't.

Sigh. Any other nominations?


  1. For your consideration:

  2. How about the common value that, not matter what the subject, someone will dislike it. Pizza, sex, kittens, fireworks life itself, kindness to the elderly, someone will just not like it.

    Human contrariness knows no bounds, and that is the common attribute of humanity.

  3. Here's another. Everyone, regardless of culture or ethnicity, recognizes smiles and frowns. Apparently this is hardwired into the facial recognition section of the human brain.