Let them eat cake

Maybe not Senator Grassley's finest moment on healthcare reform: If you want good healthcare, "Go work for the Federal Government." Marie Antoinette would be proud...

Grassley (R., Iowa) is the key Republican on healthcare reform, ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee. No one likes him right now -- the radical Repubs are furious he's even talking with Democrats about health care, and the Democrats are annoyed that he opposes having a public-run insurance policy to compete against the avaricious private policies. Or at least that's what Politico says...


  1. It's also probably not a great way of shrinking the government, which is what I understand the GOP is all about.

  2. The GOP isn't all about shrinking government. The GOP loves government, at least, as long as it gets to dole out the pork. Just like the Dems, in fact. Isn't that odd?

  3. I met the senator once. He told me he always places his car in neutral and coasts to his underground parking space... to, "Save Gas." Now I am frugal, but this guy is tight!